Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Profit from Passion: How to Build a Wildly Successful Affiliate Business

Stop putting your dreams on hold and start getting paid to pursue your interests. Through our affiliate marketing training, you’ll learn how to turn your hobby, passion or interest into a high-income online business without the hassles of endless research and rabbit holes to drop down or make expensive mistakes.

Join the New Wave of Affluent Affiliate Entrepreneurs

In this digital age, the big money follows those who can cut through the noise and convert online traffic into profits. Our elite training equips you with the skills to become a highly paid affiliate super affiliate, commanding top commissions from the world’s biggest brands.

I support Two communities that teach affiliate Marketing in slightly different ways.

Affiliate Mindset

My Personal Community I’m building is where I will guide you through the digital marketing course if needed and answer questions. this course will be the cost of access to the community. I need everyone on the same page so to speak.

My community will focus on the five aspects of entrepreneur success.

  1. Knowledge
  2. Skills
  3. Network
  4. Resources
  5. Reputation

Each bucket overflows and fills the next. learn digital marketing or fill in gaps you might have and apliy them to the workshops or your own projects or job. The knowledge practiced builds skills and a network of like-minded. With the right resources, knowledge, and skills, your reputation grows, and people pay you for them.

Learn digital marketing, SEO, Prompt engineering and Inbound Marketing.

Workshops and freelance projects where we all help and make extra income as well as learn and develop skills. Ultimately we will become a freelance group/ or agency supporting our community.

AI Ninja

Rays Community is a broad collection of specialists and learning. Servant leadership and specialists like myself are there to help when you need us. This fun community is based on the theme of Ninjas, with learning areas called dojos and levels of learning that start with a white belt.

This is a monthly subscription community and is a combination of Learn AI, Learn Automation, Learn SEO, Learn Images, and so much more to have access to a community that only deals with one aspect is around $99 plus each with AI Ninja you get around 5 flavours only for $99 USD a month.

DIY Digital Marketing Course

Learn Digital Marketing at your own pace. The course is yours for life, and it upgrades with the evolution of digital marketing. This then becomes a great reference tool when you need it.

If you decide to try affiliate marketing, you can sell the course yourself, this is not MLM. The Digital Marketing course is Master Reseller Rights (MRR), which means you sell it once, and you get your money back. Sell it twice, and you’re making extra income.

Having taught Digital Marketing at colleges, I was never happy with the level of teaching and worth for the amount of money spent. I set about making one and discovered a rule: great digital marketing course at a fraction of the cost of a college for a diploma.

System IO

System IO is an interesting system designed to make quick affiliate sites and funnels.

My affiliate link to system IO. If you become a member, I may get a cup of tea from it or not. lol