Blue Ocean SEO Strategy

What is the meaning of Blue Ocean SEO Strategy?

Blue Ocean’s strategy is how to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant (until they learn to copy) and is the opposite of Red Ocean’s strategy or what we all know as a saturated marketplace. A blue ocean SEO strategy uses the necessary tactics and methods to find new untapped marketplaces that are not saturated, abused, scammed or spammed.

Develop a Blue Ocean business.

What is the meaning of Red Ocean Strategy?

In the Red Ocean, competition is fierce. The environment is well-explored and crowded with competitors. Here’s what characterizes a Red Ocean:

  1. Competition is Intense: Since the market is well-known and often saturated, companies fight to outdo each other, often leading to a bloody competition – hence the term “Red Ocean.”
  2. Profit Margins are Lower: Due to competition, companies often engage in price wars, reducing their profit margins. This is known as a race to the bottom. I first experienced this personally in London, England, when I was challenging Dell computers. They failed in the American market in the 90’s and reduced their profit on each PC to one pound, and we needed twenty pounds of profit to keep developing. Dell won
  3. Focus on Existing Demand: Companies focus on fulfilling existing customer demand rather than trying to create new demand or find new markets.
  4. Compete in Existing Market Space: The industry boundaries are well-defined, and companies try to outperform their rivals to gain a greater share of the existing market.
  5. Product Similarity: In a Red Ocean, products and services tend to become commodities. There’s often little differentiation between competitors, leading to a focus on cost leadership as a means of competition.

The opposite concept, the Blue Ocean, refers to unexplored new market spaces where competition is irrelevant because the rules of the game are waiting to be set. In Blue Oceans, there is potential for high growth and profit, as companies can create and capture new demand and have greater pricing flexibility.

The idea for most companies is to try to move from a Red Ocean to a Blue Ocean by innovating and creating new market spaces, thereby avoiding the cutthroat competition that characterizes Red Oceans.

The answer is Purple Ocean Strategy

Purple Ocean Strategy

Understanding the Competition: A Purple Ocean strategy requires a deep understanding of the existing competition. This includes not only direct competitors but also potential threats from new entrants or substitute products.

Leveraging Innovation: Even in a crowded market, a Purple Ocean strategy looks for opportunities to innovate. This can mean improving existing products or services, finding new delivery methods, targeting different customer segments, or even creating entirely new products that meet unmet customer needs.

Agility and Flexibility: A company pursuing a Purple Ocean strategy must be nimble and responsive to market changes. This may involve continually monitoring the competitive landscape, being open to strategic shifts, and fostering a culture that can adapt quickly to new challenges or opportunities.

Sustainable Long-Term Growth: The Purple Ocean approach recognizes the competitive reality of the Red Ocean but seeks to avoid the cut-throat, short-term tactics that can erode profitability. By focusing on building a sustainable competitive advantage, a company can maintain functionality in the long term.

Balancing Competition and Collaboration: In a Purple Ocean, there may be opportunities for collaboration even among competitors. This can take the form of partnerships, joint ventures, or alliances that allow companies to leverage each other’s strengths to explore new market opportunities.

Customer-Centric Approach: Understanding the customer’s needs and focusing on delivering superior value can help differentiate a business in a crowded market. This may include personalized service, unique product features, or other ways of meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Risk Management: A Purple Ocean strategy acknowledges that there are risks in both overly aggressive competition and in trying to create entirely new markets. By carefully assessing and managing these risks, a company can navigate the delicate balance between the Red and Blue Oceans.

Discover the Power of the Purple Ocean Strategy

The Future of Business Competition and Innovation

Are you tired of battling it out in the blood-red sea of cut-throat competition, always seeking to grab a larger piece of the existing market? Or the daunting prospect of venturing into the vast unknown blue waters of uncontested markets makes you hesitate. We have a game-changing solution for you: The Purple Ocean Strategy.

With the Purple Ocean Strategy, your business won’t merely survive; it’ll thrive. Our unique approach combines the best aspects of Red and Blue Ocean strategies, giving you the edge in competitive advantage while unlocking exciting new avenues of growth.

Competitive Advantage Plus: Rise above the crowd. With the Purple Ocean Strategy, you’ll not only understand your competition, you’ll outperform them. We’ll help you introduce innovations that meet untapped customer needs, resulting in superior products, exceptional service, or unique delivery methods.

Beyond Market Share: Conquer the present, master the future. While focusing on securing your share of the existing market, we’ll also help you pioneer demand generation, expanding your realm beyond its current boundaries.

Flexible Boundaries in Action: Know the rules to bend them. Though you’ll operate within a defined market, we’ll push the edges of those boundaries together, exploring related product categories or services that set you apart.

Value Innovation at its Best: Trade-offs are a thing of the past. The Purple Ocean Strategy finds the perfect balance, allowing you to cut costs while improving your product or service or creating a premium product that justifies a higher price point.

Break the Value-Cost Trade-off: With our unique approach, you can simultaneously differentiate and keep costs low, introducing new competitive factors your industry has never seen before.

The Purple Ocean Strategy is the new wave of business strategy, offering a fresh perspective to navigate the competitive business landscape. Dive into the purple ocean and witness the remarkable transformation of your business — from a market player to a market leader.

Embrace the Purple. Outperform, Innovate, and Grow with the Purple Ocean Strategy.

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