Brand Growth Strategy

Brand Growth Strategy

The science is now out on brand growth and the data undermines current marketing beliefs started in1960. This new study from Ehrenberg-Bass Institute’s Professor Jenni Romaniuk, Professor John Dawes and Sahar Faghidno show’s the best growth strategy for brands. Not only does this affect KPI and other measurements but your strategies, tactics, and methods must change.

marketing law of double jeopardy

The term was originally coined by social scientist William McPhee in 1963 as an answer to the phenonium of B2B you can read it here Luckily one of our great marketing minds and strategist Andrew Ehrenberg helped us understand this principle. Mr. Ehrenberg noticed across many countries and categories that low market share has low brand loyalty. So the belief that loyalty is largely a predictable function of market share has been turned upside down.

“What double jeopardy simply says is that we can’t engineer loyalty, and focusing on loyalty isn’t the route to sustainable growth.” said Jenni Romaniuk, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute.

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