GPT Training for Businesses

Harvard Business studies show an up to 43% increase in low-skilled workers compared to highly skilled workers, who only noticed a 17% increase.
All businesses get a 40% increase in productivity, with GPT doing repetitive tasks.

With correct training, each department could increase productivity by 40%. This will allow for higher-quality work to be done on time. With a more organized workflow, you could approach projects that have been on the back burner for a while.

Harvard Business School noticed that with GPT, the bottom half of your workers not only had a 43% increase but also outperformed the top-skilled talent. Investing in GPT training not only makes low-skilled workers better than high-skilled workers but also reveals jagged frontiers.
Jagged Frontiers are limited edges by technology, staff, or operations.
Unfortunately, there is no golden rule book or hard rules, and each business is unique.

GPT Team Training for Your Business

Our 20-seat remote classroom software is designed to allow multiple departments to learn at the same time. This lets all departments learn together and segment into departments when training changes to a more customized, unique training because it’s not the same for each department or work challenge. One size doesn’t fit all; general prompts get general answers.