Marketing strategies or the art of war through Darwinism

Marketing strategies or the art of war through Darwinism

What is marketing

“Marketing refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product, service, or good. It is one of the primary components of business management and commerce. Marketers can direct their product to other businesses or directly to consumers”. {Marketing – Wikipedia.

Marketing strategies

Sounds nice and simple, just a matter of getting your message in front of your target market. Market research to understand who your target market is and help make choices on how to reach them. So you have some options from a traditional or inbound, basically traditional is expensive push on to anybody or pull/ attract only those interested in your message(save money). Digital marketing, unlike traditional marketing, is measurable, and as we all know, what gets measured and optimized will improve. (we will stay on the path of digital as that is where most clients are now).

Digital marketing has two options PPC which is quick traffic, and SEO, which is slow traffic. However, in reality, SEO always wins like the rabbit and the tortuous story. See, PPC instant traffic has caveats of learning and quality, so at first, it’s not the best and depending on competition, it will be expensive. SEO is slow because platforms want you to pay; Google is a black box of indexing. The internet has become astronomically large; it’s hard to find the needle in the haystack or your web presence in searches. Try it, go to google search and type in not your brand name but your non-branded keyword. Notice on the left side the number of pages for that keyword……. that’s many pages ahead of you.

Depending on your business vertical, we have something called market saturation and ease into the market. Blue ocean or red ocean is a fantastic way of understanding this issue. Red being so saturated its cutthroat and blooded, Blue being the opposite. Unique selling point (USP) helps, but a total blue ocean strategy would be amazing.

Marketing war strategies

Marketing is a war against your competition, known and unknown. Some don’t like to see it that way, and that’s where Darwinism deals the last blow to such businesses that failed to understand “its WAR” & “evolve.”

Marketing needs war strategies to deal with market saturation, easy online entry, and the race to the bottom with pricing. The art of war happens to be a book full of sound advice.

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