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SEO Consultants who Build Your Entire Online Marketing SEO Strategy and Manage the Project!

We partner with you rather than just be paid consultants with a list of general recommendations which do not have much success in today’s online saturated market.

We know there is no cookie-cutter solution to internet marketing. Each business and vertical/category of service or product will need to be custom-made. We often find people not ranking for the right keywords or have no SEO or bad SEO. Our audits look at more than technical SEO, On-page SEO or Off-page SEO. Quick fixes are top of our list, as SEO can take time to work depending on the outcome of your audit, your past efforts and your industry vertical.

Fractional management is the best way of understanding our approach.

We pair with your teams and department and can roll up our sleeves to get the job done when skills are missing or direction is needed.

SEO PM (product management) is the convergence of product management, SEO, consumer-centric advocacy and agile alignment.

We like to move from an outside consultant to a virtual In-House SEO member of your digital marketing team. We are looking to integrate, not replace but to guide your internal staff who have knowledge and skills inside your industry. E.E.A.T or “experience, expertise – authority and trust” can’t be faked and Google’s AI is a great learner but are you a great teacher?

The past ways of online marketing are not sustainable with today’s online changes. This is why we have developed a practical, concrete planning process that unifies and engages your team to achieve real results and sets you up with an agile strategy that adapts as the markets shift.

The agile fractional managing process looks at what skills your staff already have, we often break the silo mindset and develop a happy productive organization working together for a common goal. Just like a beehive’s purpose is not to make honey – Honey is the byproduct of a happy productive organization.

Google now expects more than one signal to give your domain authority, SERP, and first position for a query search. SEO marketing has evolved so fast most have trouble keeping up and ironically, SEO takes a while to see the results.

Search engine optimization is a valuable part of your Internet marketing and unique to each business. One practice, tactic, or strategy is by design going to fail you and your prospects. SEO compliments the whole picture by optimizing your efforts.

SEO is also an ongoing process of evolution to serve quires better as Google changes to give better search results and stop spam/ cheats Businesses sometimes think skipping SEO is an option. With so much change SEO is not a static set and goes forever; SEO hygiene is a constant and is a necessity for being found in searches and ultimately ranking better than your competition.

As long as there are search engines and online evolution, you will need SEO.

Optimizing your presence starts with technical SEO for speed, core vitals, and mobile indexing not to be mistaken for mobile-friendly to name a couple of our observations. On-page SEO ensures your content is king serving its searchers and meeting their needs. Off-page SEO or backlinks evolution makes it very interesting, hard and when I hear “we paid for links” it keeps getting harder to fix Your reputation.

Local SEO Consultant

As a local consultant for SEO we think it beneficial to that were in the same city and understand local needs. Calgary is amazing and we need to work together and strengthen our economy. We are very proactive on local forums answering SEO questions from local businesses. Here are some of the more common questions asked and what we say.

Questions im asked as an SEO consultant

In essence, an SEO consultant provides expert advice, guidance, and actionable strategies to help businesses improve their online presence, drive more organic traffic, and achieve higher rankings in search engine results.

Elevate your digital presence and secure a stream of high-quality leads with the expertise of a seasoned SEO consultant. Our strategic approach not only amplifies your website’s traffic but also ensures that the impact lasts. With us, the advantages of meticulously crafted SEO strategies extend far beyond the immediate. Even when you pause on active SEO endeavours, the fruits of your investment continue to flourish, providing sustained growth and visibility for your business online. Unlock the potential of your website with our professional SEO services and enjoy enduring benefits that propel your business forward.

SEO consultants provide a second none bias educated opinion

Consultants in SEO study 24/7 to stay on top.

The most common hourly rate for SEO agencies is $100-$150/hour. For SEO consultants, it’s $75-$100/hour, and for freelancers, it’s $41–50/hour.

In the realm of SEO, the adage “you get what you pay for” holds undeniable truth. Opting for budget-friendly options often results in compromised quality and shortcuts that fail to deliver lasting results. Unlike whipping up a dish with less expensive ingredients, SEO demands precision, expertise, and tailored strategies. Our approach is bespoke, considering the unique needs of your business to craft a personalized SEO plan that aligns with your budget. With us, investment in SEO is a direct investment in your business’s growth and sustainability, ensuring you receive value that far exceeds the numbers on a proposal.

When engaging with SEO consultants, it’s crucial to discern their strategy for elevating your website’s search engine rankings. Should their response merely skim the surface, mentioning basic tactics like site audits, keyword identification, and backlink strategies, consider this a red flag. These elements, while foundational, barely scratch the surface of a robust SEO strategy.

Moreover, exercise caution with consultants who promise a guaranteed number-one ranking on Google. Such assurances tread on unrealistic grounds, as achieving this feat cannot be promised due to the ever-evolving nature of search engine algorithms and competitive landscapes. A credible consultant will focus on measurable improvements and strategic growth rather than unattainable guarantees.

In determining the triumph of our SEO campaigns, we begin by aligning closely with your objectives, crafting a strategy that speaks directly to your goals. We employ a combination of nuanced key performance indicators (KPIs) and cutting-edge AI tools, integrated seamlessly with Google Analytics and Search Console. This meticulous approach allows us to monitor progress, make data-driven decisions, and adapt our strategy to ensure your SEO efforts are not just successful but also meaningful and aligned with your business aspirations.

An SEO strategy in the context of today’s AI integration and market saturation refers to a comprehensive plan designed to improve a website’s visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). This strategy has evolved significantly with the advent of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, which both SEO professionals and search engines themselves are increasingly leveraging. Here’s how AI integration and market saturation shape today’s SEO strategies:

  1. Personalized Content Creation: AI tools can analyze vast amounts of data to understand user intent and preferences, helping create more personalized, relevant content. This improves user engagement and satisfaction, which are key factors in SEO rankings.
  2. Keyword Research and Optimization: AI-powered tools provide deeper insights into keyword trends, search patterns, and the competitive landscape. They enable more precise keyword selection and optimization, considering the nuances of semantic search and user intent.
  3. Technical SEO Enhancements: AI can automate and optimize many technical aspects of SEO, such as site speed, mobile-friendliness, and internal linking structures, ensuring a seamless user experience that search engines favor.
  4. Content Optimization for Voice Search: With the rise of voice assistants, optimizing content for voice search has become crucial. AI helps understand natural language queries and optimize content to match conversational search terms.
  5. Predictive Analytics: AI’s predictive capabilities allow SEO strategists to forecast trends, understand potential market shifts, and adjust strategies proactively rather than reactively.
  6. User Experience (UX) Optimization: AI tools can analyze user behavior patterns, enabling websites to tailor experiences to meet user needs better, which is a critical ranking factor for search engines.
  7. Backlink Analysis: AI enhances the ability to analyze backlink profiles, identifying high-quality link opportunities and potential harmful links that could impact SEO performance.
  8. Adapting to Algorithm Changes: Search engines like Google are increasingly using AI to refine their algorithms. SEO strategies must use AI to adapt to these changes, ensuring that optimization efforts remain effective and compliant with new guidelines.

Given the saturation in many markets, a successful SEO strategy today must go beyond traditional optimization techniques. It should leverage AI to gain insights, predict trends, and personalize the user experience to stand out in a crowded digital landscape. This involves a continuous cycle of testing, learning, and refining SEO practices to keep pace with technological advancements and changing user behaviors.

Embark on a journey to digital excellence with SEO strategies that not only adhere to guidelines but also elevate your brand above the rest. Our approach ensures your online endeavors are penalty-free, aligning perfectly with your ambitions to achieve measurable success.

Our focus? Strategies that deliver a tangible return on investment, turning your SEO expenditure into a profitable venture. We’re here to amplify your online presence, meticulously crafting experiences that resonate with your audience’s needs and desires.

At the heart of our strategy lies the understanding that today’s digital landscape is governed by intent and topics, moving beyond the simplistic keyword-focused tactics of yesterday. This nuanced approach ensures your content speaks directly to your audience, engaging them in meaningful ways.

We start by asking the critical questions: Where does your online presence stand today? What heights are you aiming to reach? And most importantly, how will we bridge the gap between these two points?

With a blend of AI-driven insights, a keen understanding of user behavior, and a commitment to your unique goals, we chart a course towards SEO success that is as innovative as it is effective. Let’s navigate the complexities of SEO together, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth.