SEO Inbound Marketing

SEO Inbound Marketing is a holistic blend of consulting, search engine optimization (SEO), Pay per click (PPC), Inbound methodology & digital marketing!


SEO is optimizing for search engines, you can’t optimize what you don’t measure.

The inbound methodology is the answer to the loss of cookies and push marketing.

PPC is quick traffic and a bridge to your long-term business goals.

Marketing consultants are an instant solution for your marketing strategies and paths.

Marketing Consultant

Our marketing consultant’s role is to listen to your goals examine your current marketing strategy and create a new marketing strategy based on today’s marketing landscape to help your company or brand thrive and grow. Your marketing plan is the roadmap for achieving business goals and is data-driven to reduce the risk of online and saturated markets.

Having a consultant to advise you outside of your organization keeps your marketing on track. Not getting stuck in micromanagement toxicity, political wars or policies that are not in tune with current social or online guidelines.

Understanding how and why marketing, sales and operations are one unit to serve the consumer will grow your business and failure to evolve will end your business.

consulting services

Website quality ranking by Google quality Raters’ Guidelines.

Marketing plans developed or upgraded for today’s online landscapes.

SEO Strategist

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become the most important part of any online effort. Without foundation SEO all your efforts will be wasted.

Technical SEO to make your site fully load for a mobile device in under 2.5 seconds (or quicker than your competition) is just the beginning.

On-page SEO is optimizing content for your prospect’s user experience (UX) or consumer experience(CX). Keywords do not work the way they used to and have become topics and intent.

Off-page SEO has become very hard because people take shortcuts and cheat. Google has set high standards to stop cheats.

Inbound methodology

A business methodology that turns a product-focused business into a consumer-centric success online and offline.

Starts by making content to attract your target market at different stages of the buyer’s journey and marketing funnel. Inbound SEO strategies, tactics and methods turn multiple funnels into one flywheel.

Inbound Flywheels happen when inbound marketing, Inbound sales, Inbound PR, Inbound brand and holistically with the inbound organization.

Inbound marketing attracts, engages, closes and delights. attracting only people interested in what your business provides.

Inbound Sales focus on helping rather than pushing the close, they meet the prospect where they are and guide. the buyers have all the power and won’t put up with pushy sales.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is getting a message online/ internet or is digital in nature. Technology evolves, platforms change and grow. I’m seeing monkeys playing video games and know ads are going to flood this brain chip.

Digital marketing online needs search engine optimization (SEO) or optimization not manipulation of search engines guidelines.

Marketing digitally needs to follow Human-to-human marketing (inbound marketing).