SEO Integrity

As an SEO expert I believe integrity in SEO is a fundamental quality needed for todays online world.

Integrity SEO goes above and beyond any foundation practice that just improves your search rankings with all search engine results pages (SERP). Maintaining the integrity of your methods, tactic,s, and strategies by staying within the search engine guidelines is part of SEO integrity. We have all had a Client who wants more, faster, and quicker than originally explained in great detail & even after signing the agreement. This is where your integrity of the SEO practice starts.

Google has made it hard to cheat and that helps bring justice to those who cheat, keeps dangerous products/ services away from harming people, animals or the earth. Sure there are more ways to get your poison or scam to people but with SEO it’s thankfully being closed down. FTC is getting serious about review enforcement, yep if your getting staff to give reviews, your mum or fake one-time accounts to give glowing reviews it’s going to backfire soon.

I was watching a documentary about global change issues in a vertical. I was not surprised when you follow the money to find at the top the industry causing the issue had infiltrated the groups against them. Paying to basically divert our attention from them and focus on silly things. I’m not here for a rant on industry’s evil and money paying for lies. This is the next part of SEO integrity when your not breaking online guidelines in an attempt to cheat the system but know your promoting and helping something that’s fundamentally wrong. Integrity in SEO specialists is missing in the agencies and organizations doing SEO marketing for such industries, markets, and businesses that lie to make money. I was speaking to someone in a marketing agency about the lies and proven truth of the wrongs she is promoting and using our SEO skills to get it seen by more people. Our conversation was short, I basically said “think about that you also know and believe in a cause yet lie to have a wage by optimizing their lie”?

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash