SEO Integrity

SEO Integrity

As an SEO expert, I know integrity in SEO is a fundamental quality needed for today’s online world. Google’s relentless changes and guidelines are an ongoing battle against Spam and blackhat and the proof of the future of internet marketing. I often have the conversation with Owners and CEO’s on expectations and the reality of today’s astronomical large internet. I understand the business angle of quick fix plaster to marketing and reduce the cost and get it done last week. Your online presence is an investment in your online future or failure, with no foundation SEO, Inbound methods and king content that is linked to by others then your not going to make it. This I believe is the catalyst for the request to cheat and the integrity of SEO specialists to be the better person. +

What is SEO Integrity

Integrity SEO goes above and beyond any foundation practice that just improves your search rankings with all search engine results pages (SERP). Maintaining the integrity of your methods, tactic,s, and strategies by staying within the search engine guidelines is part of SEO integrity. We have all had a Client who wants more, faster, and quicker than originally explained in great detail & even after signing the agreement. This is where your integrity of the SEO practice starts.

Why SEO integrity

Google has made spam sites and cheats online marketing very hard to cheat and that helps bring justice to those who cheat, keeps dangerous products/ services away from harming people, animals or the earth. Sure there are more ways to get your poison or scam to people but google once again has made algorithms like your money your life Y.MY.L that target any site that offers advice or finance that can harm someone. First, victims were holistic medicine and advice, needing proven expertise, authority and advice or (E.A.T). Google has a system for holistically understanding who the experts are in a particular field or industry, People or sites of authority link or share your content give trust signals. The FTC is getting serious about review enforcement, yep if you are getting staff to give reviews, your mum or fake one-time accounts to give glowing reviews it’s going to backfire soon if it hasn’t already.

SEO integrity decision

SEO integrity vs beliefs

I was watching a documentary about global change issues in a fishing vertical. I was not surprised when you follow the money to find at the top the industry causing the overfishing issue had infiltrated the groups against them. Paying to basically divert our attention from them and focus on little things. I’m not here for a rant on industry’s evil and money paying for lies but the SEO specialist that takes the money. This is the next part of SEO integrity when your not breaking online guidelines in an attempt to cheat the system but know your promoting and helping something that’s fundamentally wrong for all. Integrity in SEO specialists is missing in the agencies and organizations doing SEO marketing for such industries, markets, and businesses that lie to make money in our worldwide situation is simply wrong. I was speaking to someone in a marketing agency about the lies and proven truth of the wrongs she is promoting and using SEO skills to get it seen by more people. Our conversation was short, I basically said “think about the fact that you also know and believe in a cause to stop fishing analyzation, yet you lie to your self-being and your very core values to have a wage by optimizing their lie”!

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SEO integrity vs others debt

I found a client that offered micro-loans to rebuild people credit who have bad debt. As an SEO specialist and Inbound marketing consultant, this was an interesting project because he wanted to only work with bad debt from people who got there by accident and not a choice. This was very easy with inbound marketing to attract the right target market and so successful we took a 10 million profit out of Wayfair. basically, you got the furniture you need and fix your credit rating with the microloans. This became so successful we started 8 different variations, my specialty was start-up business furniture and business advice blogs. All was good until greed set in after a talk about buyer’s remorse and how add-ons reduced this, I mentioned how adding to the sales would help both client and his business bottom line as well. The contract before this microloans business was a mattress store and my success with foam mattresses sales, yep they made that the add-on sale lol a $2000 add-on. As I’m writing this I’m still wondering why that was thought of as a good idea, the mattress is a begrudge buy in the first place and a $2000 upgrade is often more than the furniture purchase. Now the salespeople are threatened to push or be fired and yes they went through 30 or more a week to a revolving door of hire and fire. clients didn’t like the pushing or cheating of sales slipping $2000 mattress on the order and then asking for forgiveness or convincing them their debt will clear quicker. After advising, explaining the data and simply appealing to the human factor of the lives being ruined I left.

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SEO integrity vs student debt

Private colleges, colleges and universities are a niche of mine and I love how investing in your educated in a chosen field will make your life better. Sure credit cards are smarter than debit cards but most of us are stuck trying to start a better future. Investing in your future is a very smart bridge to your dreams. A client of mine had been penalized for cheating/ blackhat by google however he didn’t order it and I took the contract on. Huge staff turnover and low wages due to no students at the time I felt I was needed and started to fix the many issues. Then the pandemic hit Calgary and the CEO turtled and let everyone go except for me, his international student enroller and a hand full of teachers. The secret to my success was as a consultant I had a plan and kept everything working or hired on Upwork when needed for short work I didn’t do. I soon built an amazing team of content writers and an inbound sales trainer. To change the toxic culture I implemented inbound organization methods, sales became Inbound and marketing learned from sales objections to writing better-attracting content. We even got a specialized vertical on employment established just for our students. I implemented online training and virtual sales and enrolment and the traffic went from zero to 5000, leads from 30 to 1000 plus and sales went from 0.2 to 25% close. Employment went up from our college and ultimately this was a real investment in your future. Then something changed in the CEO and he cut departments, changed the sales structure to harassing wolves and hiked up the cost of the courses. With no future to the courses and incredibly expensive debt to a student that will never earn enough to pay it off, I advised, consulted, showed the data and realized the hardship it’s causing now I left.

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