Internet marketing unfair advantage

Unfair Advantage

Having an unfair advantage over your competition is a must for any business online. The internet is saturated and the competition is getting harder to beat and first place in search has become very complicated. Customer loyalty has slipped and is linked to penetration, not loyalty campaigns according to the latest 2021 Ehrenberg-bass institute studies double jeopardy for the smaller businesses is greater than ever and penetration is in line with loyalty.

That’s good news that people are not loyal is you also have a chance of winning them, also sad news that they will be loyal if you did. We have a perfect solution for this conundrum in the unfair advantage package.

One thing all clients have asked is how do we quickly get to page one position one. The answer to this has changed over the years as the internet has changed and grown to astronomical size. Technologies have changed so much that your cell phone has more computer power than all of NASA way back in 1969, used to send astronauts to the moon. We have a solution for this ever-changing landscape.

The buyer’s journey has changed from needing sales for advice and to make a better buying decision back in the day to simply googling it now, they read content that educates and converts, they then read a bunch of reviews, and more content to make a decision for themselves with no salespeople. Even how we search with voice, mobile or desktop has ramifications on what you need to do to be found online. We know a way around that and its an unfair advantage.