Internet Marketing Unfair Advantage

Unfair Advantage

Having an unfair advantage over your competition is a must for any business. Internet marketing’s unfair advantage in the digital age is the difference between online visibility and going out of business.

Let’s face facts PPC keywords will be stolen, and the bids easily won. SEO ranking (SERP) is earned over time with strategies, tactics and unique techniques for each business’s online presence and goals.

The true unfair advantage is something your competition doesn’t have that you do.
An unfair advantage differentiates a company from its competitors in a blue ocean strategy way. It makes you visible for online searches when other businesses are not, developing more clients and word of mouth, brand loyalty and more reviews and not being in the race to the bottom with the price. Creating an unfair advantage is one of the most important goals of any online business.

The buyer’s journey has changed so much in a very short time, thanks to technological advances and new needs. Privacy laws and the removal of tracking cookies are the future of people’s data and those who use it to serve ads. The simple answer is that Inbound methods attract prospects, nurturing them from prospect to client and delighting them along the way.

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