What is better PPC or SEO?

What is better PPC or SEO?

SEO vs PPC What One Is Better For Your Business?

What is better PPC or SEO being the two main types of marketing I’m asked as a consultant. PPC is considered to be instant traffic and SEO is thought of as organic or free traffic but slow. Both have advantages and disadvantages depending on your unique situation at the time of asking that question.

The classic answer is “It depends” is the true answer because everyone is unique with their business, goals and strategies. A PPC specialist will tell you PPC gets instant traffic because SEO takes a long time. An SEO specialist will tell you SEO is free organic but it takes time and you don’t pay for traffic in the long run. I personally integrate them both when I can, being a consultant who understands the value both will bring in the right situation.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of SEO?

Optimizing for online visibility (SEO) is an “essential” investment for today’s online future. Without the basic SEO foundation of technical SEO then Google won’t index or rank you well. So no matter how good your content is thanks to google standards it will end up

Google changes the online landscape so often and quickly you need an SEO consultant or a unicorn on staff to alter for the changes Google makes. Internet Marketing is not static, platforms come and go and google has a BlackBox AI that even google doesn’t fully know what it’s doing. long gone are the days of reverse engineering google and tricks/ spam. Google also hides the

What are the advantages and disadvantages of PPC?

PPC provides instant traffic to your goal/ landing page, done right you can effectively generate leads and reach your target market. Unfortunately, the SEO of your landing page, personas, keywords, topics, AI learning period, KPI and bidding strategies are not straightforward and becoming costly. The beautiful part of search ads is you will see Google’s (not provided) keywords, search queries and new keywords & phrases. Small businesses need to spend around $3,000 a month for google PPC AI to work in your favour $5 to $10 thousand a month works best. Having an effective multi-channel PPC strategy and competitive analysis for lead generation is our best solution.


SEO will ultimately beat PPC over time with a very high ROI.

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